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Really Improving

2013-05-11 11:16:43 by Greeksta-69

It only feels like yesterday when I posted my first song on Newgrounds. Anyway, haven't been on here in a while but I am going to be uploading more tracks here but if you guys ever wanna check out a lot of my other music I upload other songs to soundcloud as well! CLICK HERE FOR MY SOUNDCLOUD

Check out my latest track right here on NG!

Cheers :)

Never give up.

2012-12-03 05:30:20 by Greeksta-69

Work hard and always follow your dreams.


Real Hp-hop!

2010-11-13 19:22:39 by Greeksta-69 /375885

Real Hp-hop!

R.I.P. Justin Bieber

2010-10-05 04:11:39 by Greeksta-69

Just kidding.. hehe:3

Anyways, I've decided to make an album consisting mine and Zajed's beats. If you want to contribute as well you are more than welcome, just send beats my way and there is a good possibility I might use them if they are mostly orchestral. I plan to have most of the tracks with me singing on them but I'll try and feature some other Newgrounds artists as well (contact me if interested) along with artists outside of NG. As of right now I have at least 5 tracks accounted for and I want to get about 10 tracks in total so keep a look out for that. I'll try and get it out before December because I wanna make a lot of nice classical/Hip-hop Christmas songs and who knows maybe do a couple of nutcracker remixes hehe :3

Well that's all for now guys.
Take care Newgrounds.

Much love,

P.S. You can email me at with any questions or concerns.

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R.I.P. Justin Bieber /363571

Check it out and if you like why not drop a verse?
There are two open verses.


I do listen to every track and read every comment you guys send me but I just don't reply unless something really catches my ear so keep sending.

To all my fans/rappers/friends etc.

Talented unsigned artist

2010-05-30 15:10:53 by Greeksta-69

If you know any people in the music industry please let them know about my page.

I do everything myself.

I make beats, produce, rap, sing, play piano, I'm learning guitar and I'm interested in learning anything and everything that I can but also teach in the within music industry.



Talented unsigned artist

Virtue & DIamadic - Relief [NEW TRACK] /328950

You can also download the track at:

Virtue & DIamadic - Relief [NEW TRACK]

Add me!

2009-11-23 23:43:05 by Greeksta-69

YOUTUBE: uctions





Add me!

I just feel like rapping or singing or something.
If you're down let me know.

Who wants to work on a track?