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Never give up.

2012-12-03 05:30:20 by Greeksta-69

Work hard and always follow your dreams.



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2012-12-03 06:08:02

Yes Sir!


2012-12-03 17:01:32

I recognized you're name and i was wondering where from then i searched my music library and found your song " My Life " in there from back in 2007. 21 listens. It's a nice song!


2012-12-03 17:15:57

you are inspirational.


2012-12-04 01:03:13

amen to that, brother.


2012-12-04 12:17:18

I can work as hard as i can i cannot get what i want due to this system of retardation.
But i will never give up and hopefully we can get a critical mass soon with the zeitgeist movement and get a resource based economy up and running.